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Boseman’s elegant composure as the titular hero is both elevated and highlighted by the supporting cast members’ __________ performances, whether it be in his flirtatious moments with Nyong’o or in his amusing banter with Wright.


__________  with Brad Peyton, the director behind 2015’s disaster flick “San Andreas,” ___________ “Rampage,” and it’s one of his most gloriously schlocky yet.


The data science major was proposed after the success of the Data 8 course, which is the ___________ course in UC Berkeley history.


This week’s episodes are the midseason finales _________________________________ and while both shows leave us with Earth-shattering cliffhangers, neither disappoints in terms of drama.


This weekend, the Cal Quidditch team will fly ___________ brooms out to Round Rock, Texas, to compete at the US Quidditch Cup 11 against 63 other top college teams from across the nation.


The corpse who becomes The Creature (perhaps better known as “Frankenstein’s Monster”) ___________ on a table in the center of a classroom brimming with anatomical artifacts, jarred organs and rearticulated skeletons.


Jim Knowlton’s introductory press conference Monday afternoon featured head coaches such as football’s Justin Wilcox and women’s basketball’s Lindsay Gottlieb, both of ___________ were on the search committee.


In regard to the disproportionate ___________ of high-achieving students attending charter schools instead of district schools, Shanthi Gonzales said charter schools are “not serving high-needs students equitably.”


Charlie Wright, a 46-year-old Berkeley homeless resident, said he is hoping to get into transitional housing at Harrison House but is uncertain ___________ the plans will come together.

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