News quiz: Test your knowledge of this week in Berkeley news

Did you follow the news in Berkeley this week, Oct. 14-19? To take our quiz, choose an answer, and the correct response will appear after you click.

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Jasmany Flores/File

Members of which UC Berkeley fraternity recently faced controversy after jokingly posing for a picture with sexual assault protesters?


Rachael Garner/File

Which Berkeley City Council candidate generated confusion by claiming they are the “1st Asian Candidate” for City Council in 40 years?


Karen Chow/Staff

A union representing UC librarians has been in contract negotiations with the UC system for how long?


Ethan Epstein/File

A UC Berkeley study found that low-income Bay Area residents tend to migrate toward which part of California?


Will Hart/Flickr/Creative Commons

Which UC Berkeley professor will testify on behalf of Harvard University in a lawsuit over affirmative action?


Wikimedia/Creative Commons

Berkeley Lab researchers recently discovered that which Egyptian pigment can boost energy efficiency?


Kavya Narendra-Babu/File

The City of Berkeley will be providing how many storage lockers for homeless individuals?


Karen Chow/Senior Staff

How many photograph(s) were stolen from an exhibit at UC Berkeley School of Law’s Human Rights Center?


Jamin Kim-Sanders/Staff

Which UC Berkeley alum will be working with Bancroft Library’s oral history project?


Ketki Samel/Staff

Berkeley City Council passed an ordinance requiring that personal belongings can not be left unattended on the street for how long?

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