Richard Sweitzer

Project leader at the College of Natural Resources' Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project

Eight female employees interviewed by OPHD reported that Richard Sweitzer had rubbed their backs, patted them on the back or squeezed their shoulders in a way that was uncomfortable and unwelomed, violating UC sexual harassment policy. OPHD also found that the policy was violated when the department did not adequately address the conflict of interest created by Sweitzer's consenual relationship with a co-worker. Other employees said Sweitzer repeatedly made comments with sexual connotations, naming the ATVs "Dick" and "Jane" and referencing female employees "riding Dick" and male employees "riding Jane." Sweitzer said he was "certain" that he did not rub a female employee's back. Sweitzer also stated he did not know who named the ATVs. Sweitzer resigned.

Campus: Berkeley

Complaint date: June 12, 2012