Santanu Raychaudhuri

Assistant researcher in the microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics department

A Title IX investigation found that evidence to show that Santanu Raychaudhuri made unwelcome advances to two students under his supervision, openly ranked women by their race and appearance — including describing them as "sexy" — and talked about his sexual preferences and needs with undergraduate students. The investigator found that his behavior "created an environment in which women were either considered 'stupid or crazy bitches' who 'cannot take it' or as prospective sexual partners" and created a hostile working environment by belitting students, cursing at them and calling them "stupid." Raychaudhuri told a Title IX investigator that he acknowledges he is "unusually loud" but denied ever yelling or cursing at specific people. He "tries to appreciate" students by sometimes telling students when they "look good," according to the Title IX investigation, but he denied the comments were sexual in nature. In addition, he told investigators that the students have "no experience, (are) very young, not very mature, and very sensitive." Raychaudhuri's employment was terminated.

Campus: Los Angeles

Complaint date: March 4, 2014