Christine DeFrancisco, Cindy Allen Emswiler and redacted third party

Christine DeFrancisco: director of patient access/medical care admissions; Cindy Allen Emswiler: assistant director of patient access/medical care

Christine DeFrancisco and Cindy Allen Emswiler revealed their breasts and showed their undergarments to their co-workers during an all-night work event that DeFrancisco had organized, a Title IX investigation found. They had allegedly danced in a sexual manner and rubbed up against each other while their co-workers videotaped and photographed them. When asked whether they had observed anything inappropriate before, several witnesses alleged, "All the time." Several witnesses alleged they were a victim of retaliation after cooperating with the Title IX investigation. Some workers alleged DeFrancisco had created an inappropriate work environment by calling her co-workers by inappropriate nicknames. DeFrancisco and Emswiler denied the allegations. DeFrancisco was found in violation of creating a hostile work environment and retaliation. Emswiler was found in violation of retaliation. DeFrancisco's and Emswiler's employment was terminated.

Campus: San Diego

Complaint date: Oct. 26, 2013