John Hoon Lee

Humanities professor

Two female complainants alleged that John Hoon Lee spoke to them about sexual encounters, made inappropriate comments, and engaged in sexual misconduct. One complainant stated that she went to lunch several times with Lee, and he allegedly asked her repeatedly during one-on-one conversations whether she was dating anyone. The complainant alleged that Lee offered to write her a letter of recommendation without her asking, which made her feel the need to keep talking to him. She added that Lee allegedly offered to make her a t-shirt, which he made for students he "had a good relationship with," and that he asked "Don't you want something to show off your figure?" when she stated she wanted a medium-sized shirt. The other complainant alleged that on one occasion, Lee took her to his apartment and gave her wine, although she was underage at the time. She also alleged that when she lay on the bed because she was dizzy, he strapped her with chains and blindfolded her. Lee then allegedly straddled her, kissed her lips and cheeks, and sucked on her ears, leaving bruises. Lee allegedly stopped when she said that she had a boyfriend. Lee denied the allegations, and was placed on investigative leave on April 10, 2017.

Campus: San Diego

Complaint date: Feb. 27, 2017