Name redacted


The complainant filed a complaint alleging that her supervisor had harassed her based on her national origin by regularly mocking her accent. She stated in the complaint that the constant mockery made her cry often at work, and that her hair was falling out due to stress. The complainant also alleged that her supervisor made sexually explicit comments: on one occasion, her supervisor held up a cucumber and allegedly asked the complainant, "How would you like one this big?" The respondent also allegedly made comments on the size of the complainant's breasts and buttocks, allegedly telling the complainant to "get those things out of my face" on a regular basis. Several witnesses stated in the complaint that they had heard the respondent mocking the complainant's accent several times, and one stated that she had witnessed the respondent making sexual innuendos at work. The respondent denied the allegations.

Campus: San Diego

Complaint date: March 31, 2016