Khoi Le

Volunteer clinical faculty member at UCSF Fresno

Khoi Le allegedy sent the female complainant dozens of predatory texts, such as: "Have u ever had a bf?" and "Ever made out with anyone before?" In a text message, Le allegedly called the complainant "the naughty type." Le allegedly texted the complainant, "Wud u be offended if I grabbed urs." When the complainant reminded Le that she was in a workplace, Le allegedly texted her: "Not on weekends. Lots of empty rooms." Le added that it might "look good on (her) resume later," according to the Title IX investigation. Le was notified of the complainant's allegations but declined an interview with a Title IX investigator. The respondent was suspended from all contact with students and trainees associated with UCSF pending the resolution of the investigation.

Campus: San Francisco

Complaint date: July 15, 2015