Name redacted

Nurse at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital

The five female complainants alleged that they were subjected to "unwanted touching, gestures, comments, communications and invitations" from the male respondent. Complainant 1 alleged that the respondent gave her unsolicited hugs and kisses. Complainant 2 alleged that the respondent had told her, "If I wasn't married with kids, I would have asked you out by now." Complainant 3 alleged that the respondent called her his "work girlfriend" and hugged and kissed her. Complainant 4 alleged that the respondent was flirtatious with her and continued to text her even when she did not respond. Complainant 5 alleged that the respondent asked for her phone number and that when she refused to give it to him, he obtained it from work records. The respondent said his motivations and actions were never romantically driven, adding that he was distressed that it seemed otherwise to the complainants. The respondent was placed on leave pending investigation. He was later reassigned and received a warning about future conduct.

Campus: San Francisco

Complaint date: March 2, 2015