Gurinder Singh Mann

Sikh studies professor

When a female student visited Gurinder Singh Mann's house for a research project meeting, he allegedly made inappropriate advances toward her, touched her inappropriately and verbally harassed her, according to a Title IX investigation. The complainant alleged that Mann had invited her to his bedroom and asked her to lie down on the bed. He also allegedly held her hands, telling her "she was his only friend," touched her neck and chest near the collarbone, and put his hand under her shirt to touch her stomach. On multiple occasions, he rubbed her arms, shoulders and thighs, according to a report prepared by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment/Title IX Compliance. The report stated that other witnesses described instances of sexual harassment in which Mann allegedly tried to kiss women and "slapped (their) asses." Mann denied many of the allegations and said there was a cultural misunderstanding, as he regards his students as his children. Nevertheless, the claims of sexual harassment were all substantiated. Mann remained a professor until his retirement in 2015.

Campus: Santa Barbara

Complaint date: May 29, 2013