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The male respondent allegedly hugged the female complainant while at American Ale in Santa Barbara, California, squeezing the complainant's breast. On the same night, he allegedly grabbed her face and stuck his tongue down her throat, and later hugged her and bit her neck, leaving a mark. The respondent appeared to be intoxicated, according to a Title IX investigation. The respondent later said he was blacked out and didn't remember what happened, and he apologized for his behavior. All allegations against him were substantiated. A letter of concern from Pam Lombardo, the acting associate vice chancellor for administrative services, was sent to the respondent. The vice chancellor for administrative services, Marc Fisher, later wrote a letter to the complainant saying that the original letter of concern was "insufficient in conveying how truly egregious and unacceptable your behavior was." The respondent was required to complete online sexual harassment prevention training within 30 days and to seek counseling.

Campus: Santa Barbara

Complaint date: April 28, 2015