Name redacted

Facilities management employee

The male respondent was found to have harassed the female complainant verbally and physically. He allegedly touched her without consent on multiple occasions, and on March 31, 2013, he allegedly came up from behind her to mimic a sexual position. On the same day, he verbally harassed her, saying he would "find her later and violate/rape her," according to the Title IX report. On other occasions, he allegedly told the complainant that she should "suck his dick" and asked her what color underwear she was wearing. The complainant reported that she also found pornographic materials in his cleaning closet. She alleged that she had experienced similar harassment near-daily for the past few years. The respondent denied the allegations and said he did not think his conduct was offending anyone. All 11 of her sexual harassment allegations were substantiated by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment/Title IX Compliance. The respondent was terminated and told not to return to campus.

Campus: Santa Barbara

Complaint date: April 23, 2013