Jorge Acevedo

Assistant cook

Four separate complainants came forward alleging misconduct by Jorge Acevedo. The first complainant alleged that Acevedo propositioned her for sex when she was first hired, and would constantly pass vulgar comments on female employees and students in the dining hall. The second complainant, an assistant cook, stated that Acevedo had a look "like he's disrobing you," and said working with Acevedo made her uncomfortable. She alleged that Acevedo made a comment along the lines of "Are you trying to use my bike?" in Spanish, which she found extremely offensive. A third complainant alleged that when Acevedo drove her home after her shift, he instead parked in a spot under a tree and told her, "I am going to have sex with you." When she refused, Acevedo allegedly forced her to touch his erect penis, then drove her home and told her not to speak of the incident to anyone. The final complainant, a co-worker who claimed to have a good rapport with Acevedo, alleged that Acevedo constantly made inappropriate comments, and did not seem to be able to control himself. Acevedo was placed on investigative leave from May 24, 2016 to June 30, 2016.

Campus: Santa Cruz

Complaint date: May 24, 2016