Name redacted

Senior food services worker in Dining Services

The male complainant alleged that the male respondent had made inappropriate and offensive comments and gestures toward him. A Title IX investigation found that the respondent asked the complainant whether he had a boyfriend, grabbed his arm and winked at him. On another occasion, the respondent allegedly grabbed his own genital area outside of his pants when the two of them went into the storage area to get supplies before "leering" at the complainant in a way that indicated he wanted the complainant to go into one of the walk in refrigerators with him. The report also found that the respondent rubbed his hand on the complainant's shoulder, moved it down his arm, winked at him and called him "caliente," which roughly translates to "hot." The respondent denied the allegations. The report and findings were placed in his personnel file with UCSC.

Campus: Santa Cruz

Complaint date: May 7, 2013