Name redacted

Senior baker

The complainant filed the complaint on behalf of his employees after a March 2013 climate survey in which several employees had alleged that the male respondent was sexually harassing female and male bakery employees with repeated sexual and derogatory comments. The employees alleged that the respondent had joked with other employees about a female employee having stitches put in to tighten her vagina. They also alleged that on another occasion, the respondent had told his co-workers that a dining employee's perfume smelled so good that when he smelled it, he "got so excited and horny" that he "needed" to go into the bathroom and masturbate. Employees also alleged that the respondent bragged about how he could have "sex for hours" and shared that he had acquired a sexually transmitted disease. The respondent denied the allegations.

Campus: Santa Cruz

Complaint date: June 5, 2013