Material Science And Engineering

Average pay by title, 2015

Category Avg. salary in Material Science and Engineering
Professor $161,351.29
Associate Professor $160,994.67
Assistant Professor $88,640.00

All Material Science And Engineering faculty

Name Rank Salary (2015)
Asta, Mark Professor $207,656.00
Ceder, Gerbrand Professor $91,667.00
Chrzan, Daryl Professor $190,593.00
Devine, Thomas Professor $176,224.00
Gronsky, Ronald Professor $17,733.00
Martin, Lane Associate Professor $164,680.00
Minor, Andrew Professor $168,381.00
Persson, Kristin Assistant Professor $50,125.00
Ritchie, Robert Professor $277,205.00
Wu, Junqiao Associate Professor $155,305.00
Xu, Ting Associate Professor $162,999.00
Yao, Jie Assistant Professor $127,155.00