Light at the Tunnel’s End

Illustration by Alexander Hong | Sunday, May 17, 2020

Every test has a final question. Every book has a last page. Every academic year closes, and every student ends their term. For some, graduation is that light at the end of the tunnel, the finality of one’s time as a UC Berkeley student.

And what a tunnel it’s been. From hazardous air quality ratings to PG&E-mandated power shut-offs to the pandemic that has virtually changed our final finals week, many of us have seen our paths affected, and we have persevered through the unknown. We grew up from Cal Day visitors to campus tour guides, from undeclared majors to student instructors, from fearful cubs to Golden Bears.

It’s time to celebrate the end of our journey — with our family, over the phone with our friends and together at our makeup commencement ceremony. It’s time to step out of the tunnel and into the light.

Journalism Major?

By Josh Yuen, Senior Staff

While the math community played a pivotal part in my Cal experience, it’s joining the Daily Cal that defined it.

To the things I can’t explain

By Kaitlan Tseng, Senior Staff

The fact that the paper’s needs always took precedence over my personal wallowing required me to constantly recalibrate my priorities.

The denouement

By Sakura Cannestra, Senior Staff

I have waited four years to write this column. And yet, after all that thinking, I still don’t know what my denouement is supposed to look like.

The unforgettable years?

By Aidan Bassett, Staff

My old ambitions died at UC Berkeley, yet the very concept of aspiration holds new meaning. I no longer wish to be, but to do.

Have I grown at all?

By Jasmin Staffer, Senior Staff

In short, I have grown — just in ways that aren’t as earth-shattering as a student who came to this university fresh out of high school.

Your turn to fight

By Varsha Sarveshwar, Special to The Daily Cal

There’s a more hopeful part of me that remembers how many talented, dedicated students there are just around the corner.

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